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What’s inside a Rugby Ball?

All right, here we go, our Gilbert trainer rugby ball. It’s time to cut it open. We’ve got some friends here with us today. – But we’re not used to rugby here in the United States, but we will cut open a ball, because that’s what people are asking for.

So, we’re going to cut it along, not along the line, just along that part of it. Does that sound good guys? – Yep. – All right, we did fill it up with air, so it should make the little.

There we go.

Ooh, good thing we put that down. Oh, man. – It smells terrible. Whoa, it’s like..


Oh, it does have an inner liner and I missed it. – Oh, that smells terrible! – Like what? – Ooh, I think that smells like rotten eggs!

All right, there’s the inner layer. not too fancy, it’s just that rubber. It feel like rubber on the outside, but the inside feels like leather. So I think it’s just glued on. It looks like it’s just kinda glued on there.

All right. So we’ve got this inner rubber layer. – I’m getting that other hat. – That’s a weird-looking.

let’s cut that open. All right, so here’s the inside of this. Look at that nozzle!

That’s weird. -They even have their own brand, Gilbert-style rubber thing inside. – Really? Where? It says it was made in India. -Okay! – There you go.

A handball is made in Pakistan, this is made in India.

It’s kind of glued in there. Now, I did see on the regular balls they have the nozzles, see how the nozzle’s right there, I guess on the regular ones that cost $80, the nozzle is right there. It’s somewhere where the liner is.

And so for training purposes, they don’t like to use that ball because it runs out of air quicker. So that’s why, for the training ball has it in a different spot, it changes it a little bit when you have to kick it, because it has this weight, extra-added weight right there.

But we’re not spending 80 bucks on a rugby ball we’re gonna cut open! – All right, that’s what’s inside every rugby ball. This is the Gilbert training ball, cut it open, just has this rubber inner liner on it, and this strange little nozzle.

The air nozzle, it’s really weird. – It’s so weird.

So, anyway, thanks for watching. If you have any other suggestions of what you’d like us to cut open, just let us know in the comments section and we will do our best to do it. – Thank you! – Thumbs up!.

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